How to grow green onions - Experimenting with vegetables

How To Grow Green Onions – Learning It Myself

How to grow green onions? Search me! I have not grown onions since I was a girl in my Mom and Dad’s garden. I am just not great with vegetables, and if I ever paid attention to my parents instructions, I have long ago forgotten them. Wish I had them here to ask again.

But this year, I want to try to grow green onions. Let me clarify that I want those green sticks to chop up for recipes. I have a few recipes that call for chopped green onions, such as My Mac & Cheese Cavatappi. So good with lots of black pepper.  I am not interested so much in growing big onions for use and storage. So this is where I am coming from, OK?

How to grow green onions

I went to Rural King which is a farm store in this area and purchase a handful of the “sets” which is those teeny tiny onions.  In fact, I have the bag sitting on the counter waiting for me to plant and I keep reaching for the “peanuts.”  Yes, I am getting old…

How To Grow Green Onions - Is This How?

Those sets are sold by the pound at $0.99 per lb. I got the yellow onions, but there were red onions available too. I picked up a whole handful of probably 25 of those baby onions. The cost was $0.14. Wow, I can save a lot of money growing my own, right?  Usually, I pay about $1.29 for a bunch of 10 stalks. I sure see the logic in growing your own. Maybe I can develop a skill at growing vegetables somehow. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

How to grow green onions - I will try my best

These green onions or spring onions or scallions are all seeming the same to me. I am not sure what the distinction is between all of them, but just as long as I can have some onion-flavored sprouts to chop into my recipes, I will be OK with that.

I have seen the packets of seeds to plant, but it seems to me that that just takes longer to end up with a green sprout. So I am going to go through with this method and see what happens.  If I need to buy some while I wait for these to grow ( I wonder how long it will take?), I am going to cut those ends off but save them and plant them along with the little sets too. Who knows what will happen.  I may become a vegetable gardener too!

How to grow green onions with the ends of old ones

Hey, I have a spare large hypertufa container about the size of a 5-gallon bucket. I wonder if that would be the better container to plant these in?  I am willing to try anything. Wish me luck.

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