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Breaking Up With A Houseplant – It’s Just Not Working Out 😢

I never thought that I would meet a houseplant that I didn’t like. It seems that there would be some redeeming quality that would make a houseplant-lover like me always love a plant, no matter what.

But I can concede that this one has reached the limits of what I can take and is just not on my favorites list. Even my daughter has decided that it is a houseplant that she doesn’t like. It was a plant that she wanted for a long time, and this past year we found it and made a purchase. See this post.

Which plant am I speaking of?  Mother of Thousands.

image of Mother of Thousands

It is a pretty plant when it is 3-4 inches high. And those little babies that hang and drop are really cute…adorable even. But when there are 3,173 “adorable baby” plants falling into everything daily, they just don’t seem as cute anymore. ( I am only exaggerating slightly.)

image of tiny kalanchoe

Before purchasing the plant, I had read about it and knew that it was an invasive plant in some regions, spreading quickly when planted outside in the ground. I guess it can take over a garden if it is allowed to run rampant. but I knew I was only going to grow it indoors in a small pot. Well, maybe a medium pot.

But It Is So Ugly!

This plant is just not pretty as it begins to get larger and really earn its nickname of Devil’s Backbone. It seems sinister and twisted and it grows so fast that it can and will need to be beheaded and trimmed.

And those cuttings? Yes, you guessed it. They root easily and grow quickly into ANOTHER ugly plant.

Breaking Up with A Houseplant - I Have Fallen Out With Mother of Thousands

I can’t take it anymore. This has to end.

We are Going to Have to Break Up. It’s not You, It’s Me.

“Sorry, but I don’t think you are pretty anymore are my type any longer.  We’ve grown apart. You make way too many babies. You grow too quickly and take more and more room. I have so many other plants that I really love, so there is just not room in my life for you anymore. But Heather  wants you, she feels that you are just her type and she loves the way you look. I want you to be appreciated, so I am breaking up with you. Heather will come over to meet you and you can go home with her.  I am sure she will treat you right!”

There now, it is done. Have you ever had to Break Up with a plant?


  1. Haha…sorry..I purchased the Mother of (hundreds or thousands) , I thought the one you have is the Mother of Millions but who knows for sure. Mine is the extra wide leaf variety. I love it. It’s leaves are extra wide and thick and is very hardy. I guess only time will tell.

    1. We had the wide one too. It made a baby into the pot I showed, the tiny green one in the bottom. But my daughter didn’t like the large one either. Just wasn’t what we thought it would be, though the fatter leafed one was prettier.

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