Hooked on Hypertufa? Addicted to Hypertufa? Do you know the signs?

Hooked on Hypertufa. or Are you addicted to Hypertufa?  I have come to the conclusion that I am suffering from this malady. Maybe I need to remind you of all the symptoms so that you can be on alert if you should start to have these symptoms. I may already be a lost cause. I think I am in it too deep. But you may be able to save yourself if you know what to look out for.

You know you have become addicted when

I am still actively collecting all kinds of containers and bowls, and cardboard boxes too! These work for me. And I think I may try “papercrete” this  year too. It sounds just as awesome as regular hypertufa. But it seems that I just can’t quit making them. It has become an obsession.

I will try some more large outdoor planters since these are what I am loving from these past years’ projects. Below is one of my favorites when it was first being planted. But I just want to make more…



photo of the hypertufa gardener Giant Trough for Hooked on Hypertufa
         Love This Huge One!


But here is my warning regarding being about Hooked on Hypertufa!

Hooked on Hypertufa from The Hypertufa Gardener.com(1)(1)

I really think I am suffering from an addiction. I guess the signs were all there, but I just continued and ignored them. But if you are reading this blog, or checking over the website, you may also have this condition. It is called

Pervasive Dysfunctional Tufa Syndrome.

Here are the Symptoms:

  1. Massive accumulations of plastic bowls, cups, platters, cardboard boxes, shoes boxes, dishpans, old tubs, scrap wood, Styrofoam packing strips.
  2. Searching Pinterest and internet for new ideas for hypertufa projects.
  3.  Eating out becomes a hunt for more molds. You begin to carry a large tote all the time.
  4. Most relatives and friends eye you suspiciously when you visit.
  5. Haunting Big Box stores to compare prices on Portland cement, pleading to see if you can qualify for contractor’s discount.
  6. You realize that everything you see or handle is being evaluated as a mold for a project.
  7. You watch the Weather Channel each day to evaluate temps and wind conditions for making hypertufa.

Warning: Seek counseling immediately if these more serious signs appear:

1.     Trying to talk your spouse into selling second car to free up garage space for your collection of molds.

2.    Most serious:  Pricing Concrete Trucks for adaptation to mass hypertufa production.

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Do you also suffer from this condition?

Oh well, take an aspirin and go make more! We will suffer together! Okay?

Kim, The Hypertufa Gardener

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