Another hillside rock garden

The North Side: Another Hillside Rock Garden

Believe it or not (and this is the magic of succulents), I have just finished planting the last of those succulents that I brought from my old house. We moved out of that property in April, in fact, we closed on April 2. I had spent the final weeks removing all of the plants I wanted. Yes, I dug up some perennials in March and potted them up to take. I also pulled up Hens & Chicks from some planters we were leaving and also from the gravel beds which surrounded my whole garden.

And as I said before, I cleaned out the Giant T Rex Hypertufa. Sadly, my Elfin Thyme that was planted in the T Rex didn’t make it but it had looked kind of sad last fall, so I am not surprised it just died quickly. Elfin thyme was one that had to be planted immediately, but since I had pulled in off the rough sides of the hypertufa planter, it was too much trauma.  But the succulents survived. Some have been lying in cardboard boxes shaped like big trays. I moved them like that.

more for the final hillside rock garden

This is just how succulents are. Sempervivum and other sedum or succulents can be left lying around until you get the notion to plant them. In fact, when you do pinch off a sprig of a succulent, it is recommended to let is lie there and “callous” over. I must admit, mine usually get more than enough time to callous over.  I have had mine sprout roots, new babies, etc.

I am trying to remember if any of these bloomed while lying in the cardboard boxes. I don’t think so.

Please (if you try this yourself at home) remember that mine are Hardy Succulents and survive winter ice and snow. These were in cardboard boxes lying in the sun where they got rain on, snowed on, and during dry spells, I would sprinkle them with the garden hose.

Did I tell you succulents are forgiving and easy plants?

My 2nd Hillside Rock Garden - Finally Done! 🌾

Just to let you know the bad news: I had another hillside rock garden to plant. Good news: It was already filled with boulders. Whew!!!

I filmed myself planting the remainder of succulents that I had. I was alone, so I had to attach the camera to the gas meter thingy by the side of the house, but it worked.  Early morning was the time I chose to do this, but the sun was already coming through that area of the yard.

Do it Yourself Camera Setup for the hillside garden video

It is a hill over here too, but not as steep. At least I don’t feel it is as steep. But that loose river rock is tricky to walk on sometimes. I would like to gradually change this over to bigger boulders here and just use this river rock as a filler and mulch, but that will be a future project. I have too many projects going on as it is.

Hillside Rock Garden - my indestructilbe succulents

And yes, I can sure see that my hair appointment is well overdue. How embarrassing! I swear, my next video I will have a hat on! But I say that all the time. The AC unit over on that side is noisy during the video, so some of it I had to “voice over.” But it turned into a nice garden and I am finally finished with all the transported, un-planted succulents. Good thing they are such troopers!

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