Hanging Hypertufa Pot Liners - They last and last

Hanging Hypertufa Works! Easy To Make!

Would you try something like hanging a stone planter? Well, as I’ve said before, I’ll try anything, and, it works! I have a nice hypertufa planter for the wire hanging basket which I discussed in an earlier blog.  These hanging hypertufa pot liners have lasted for me for several years and they are great. No more buying new coconut liners each year. And I love the look.

I have the finished product now, and I really like it I think it turned out really great. I made a short video so you could see the finished product. The Mistletoe Cactus works in this planter and I can hang it from my deck and let it dangle its long branches. Works for me.

I  planned to put the Mistletoe Cactus (Rhipsalis baccifera) in this planter. It is a really nice succulent and is one of the ones which grows nicely in a shady area , unlike  most other succulents do. Rhipsalis is found as an epiphyte in tropical rainforests. Its stems are succulent and in this one, they are thin and angular. I guess that would be how to describe it. You may be able to see this in the photo.

Hanging Hypertufa Pot Liners

It supposedly flowers in tiny white flowers, but mine has not flowered. It could be that I have not taken care of it well. So I hope to fix the situation this year with a new planter for it, and I will feed it too! Here’s hoping I get a nice full one, but it is a plant I have to take inside in the fall. Oh but I said I won’t take any more inside…Oh well, just one. LOL

Mistletoe Cactus for the hanging hypertufa

Let me know if you have tried any hypertufa planters in a hanging basket. I tried just putting one of my bowls in a hanger last year and that worked fine. But I never had one that exactly fit the wire frame. That is why I tried this.  I think it looks really great. What do you think?

Hanging Hypertufa Pot

I have had these and used them now for a few years and they a very sturdy and last well. I even had this particular one with the Mistletoe Cactus survive being smashed by the falling Black Walnut tree. The chains slipped off but the hypertufa hanging pot liner survived!

And of course I have to bring it in again for the fall!

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