Hanging Bird Cage Planter – How I Made One

I adore the bird cage planters I see on Pinterest.

Those planters always look so different, even though they are becoming more and more common. I have had a small bird cage for a while, and I thought “Why not just go for it?”  So I did. And I love it!

I had succulents in mind for my hanging bird cage planter. Of course, since that is the plant I use mostly.  I had wintered some tender succulents indoors in glass terrariums.

I knew that this was what I wanted. I had some watch chain, and elephant food, and a lot of donkey tail and this would all produce the cascading effect that I wanted for my planter. So I tried it.

Hanging Bird Cage Planter - How I Made One

I am not sure of the technique that one is supposed to use for its planting. My bird cage has a hinged top and I am able to open it up, but I wasn’t sure how to hold the soil. So I just used some feminine ingenuity and used a pillow slip. Over the years, I have collected many different colors and I had a deep burgundy that I could spare. I knew that people sometimes split large bags of soil and planted annuals inside. So I thought I would just cut the pillow slip to fit and fill it full of soil, and put that inside of the bird cage. It worked!

Planting A Birdcage

I made sure that I have a mix of good soil, perlite and some coarse sand so that it would drain well, but also hold enough moisture so that the plants would root well. The bird cage is very old and has a built-in hanger-hook and latch. And some little birds decorate the front with small pinecone-like danglies on the front. Overall, it is a cute birdcage.

Planting a hanging bird cage planter

I also purchaseda small bag of Spanish moss so that I could stuff the edges of the birdcage to hide the pillow slip. It doesn’t look too bad without it, but to maintain an illusion, I stuffed sections of Spanish moss between the bars of the cage and the swollen, watered, bag full of soil.

My Own Hanging Bird Cage Planter of Succulents

Inside my hanging planter, I have Portularcaria afra and Watch Chain

These plants have grown beautifully inside despite the nay-sayers who said succulents would not grow well in terrariums. So have grown so much, I don’t know what to do with all that I have now. I must think of something. Great problem to have!

This is my abundance! Now did it grow or did it grow?  I have so much more now to put into some hypertufa troughs!

Watch chain succulent

Make a hanging bird cage planter for yourself. I know you will love it.










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2 thoughts on “Hanging Bird Cage Planter – How I Made One

  • June 22, 2016 at 8:17 am
    Absolutely darling!! Wish I could find a cute birdcage like that. Won't it rust eventually from watering it & the humidity outside or did you seal it with something? Reply
    • June 22, 2016 at 6:55 pm
      Thanks, it has hung outside for years and is tarnished or rusted in spots. I didn't bother to seal it. I can't leave it growing in winter and I won't take it inside. I will just pick and harvest some succs to plant this fall from it, and I guess.....let it freeze? Reply

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