Another Halloween craft with hypertufa

Pumpkin Faces From Hypertufa – Another Halloween Craft

Judging the amount of hypertufa to mix up for a project is a very hit or miss proposition. I do come up short sometimes, but other times I have a bit ( and sometimes a lot) leftover and so I have to come up with something to use it for.

Almost always, I can fall back on a simple hypertufa rock. Something like this, for instance. With a little work of my rasp, I can get rid of the flat plastic edges and have a cute rock to decorate any hypertufa container.

Hypertufa rock from leftover mixture. Part of my Halloween crafts

Or it can be a sphere which can really enhance a pot of succulents and age gracefully along with the hypertufa pot it is in. This small round hypertufa rock has been in this pot for a very long time and the thyme just grows over it.

An older rock aging gracefully with creeping thyme and hostas

But this time, as I made some Hypertufa Halloween Skulls  , I had a large amount of mixture leftover and decided to try these Pumpkin Faces I had collecting dust back in the shelves of molds I keep waiting to use. They are a quick fix to use up leftovers. I wish I had some long skewers to use as the “handle,” but the popsicle sticks were what I had on hand.

I am using these at Halloween to stick in my plants around the front door. Either use the stick or just place the pumpkin on the soil. These could be painted some bright colors such as orange. But since I usually decorate with a limited amount of colors and try and stay in the “Less is More” attitude, I think my little faces will be a Halloween craft that just takes on a supporting role, so to speak.

Hypertufa Halloween Craft - Pumpkin Faces

My grandson (and daughter) helped paint these, so we used a water-based poster paint and they turned out really bright and colorful. It didn’t seem that they would at first, but they dried quickly and were brightly colored. Of course, my daughter had a lot of ideas for us. We really like to get into these projects together. She always wants to try and be as precise as possible.

Pumpkin Faces From Hypertufa - Another Halloween Craft

For my video, I am experimenting with a multi-camera view. I have my regular camera overhead and my android phone mounted on a tripod beside me so that I can get two views. Editing has been an adventure, but Sony Vegas Pro has a multi-camera editing technique which is very simple. ( If it wasn’t simple, I wouldn’t be able to do it.) I think I like it!

Cute Halloween craft, kids can paint them.

I have these propped in my hypertufa pots lining the front walk. I only made six this time, so next year I will make more. These will last in the weather, so storing them for another year works for me. With a combo of skulls, pumpkins, and little pumpkin faces for my pots, I am ready for Halloween. Our Beggar’s Night is Wednesday night! Looks like it’s going to be great weather here in Ohio… I am grateful for that since sometimes we have snow flying by now!

Happy Halloween. Have fun and stay safe!

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