Growing Plants Indoors in winter

My October Dilemma – Am I Growing Too Many Plants Indoors?

I knew it would happen. Yes, I have decided that I am growing too many plants indoors this winter. I have potted up a few and I am taking cuttings of others and hope to have them survive the season when they are inside the house with me.

Hopefully, I have not brought in bugs too. I tried to be very careful. Some how those gnats get in anyway.

What have I brought in so far?

image of aptenia cordifolia


Aptenia cordifolia (Baby Sunrose)

Watch chain or Crassula muscosa

Elephant Bush or Portulacaria afra

Barrel Cactus

These were my favorites, and I have brought in the Baby Sunrose in an aquarium. Yes, I used a 10 gallon aquarium as its pot and have it upstairs now. I wanted to save as much of the plant as I could so that I could start some cuttings in the spring and have more plants next year. It is too pretty a plant to lose it to freezing and such a hummingbird magnet.  I want several of those next year. Here’s hoping the cuttings will grow!

Growing Plants Indoors in winter

I have had it in my draped hypertufa hanger and it seems to thrive there. Did I say I want more next year? I hope to root some cuttings in the spring and have several draped hypertufa baskets hanging on the deck. Wonderful. But watch the video where I prep the plant to go inside and see if you think I have lost my mind.

Growing Plants Indoors For Winter - Why Do I Take In So Many?

As you see in the video, I washed it really well, hoping that I would rinse off any spiders, eggs, worms, and any other creepy crawlies. We shall see. I keep these all in an extra unused bedroom for the most part. So if any critters are on them, perhaps I will eliminate those hitchhikers early enough.

Some of the succulents I will keep downstairs by the dining room window just like I have done in previous years. It works well for lots of light and where they are visible to me when I get lonesome in the long winter for plants. Just seeing the green plants makes me feel better.

Growing Plants Indoors – Succulents

I find that these tender succulents are pretty easy to care for in winter. I keep them in glass ( which is not usually recommended.) But I find I can see the soil around them and know when they need to be watered. I let them get very dry and then just give them a drink, not a soaking like I would outside in the summer. My son has even kept his alive for the second year! That is a miracle! I know he neglects it but a succulent plant is perfect for him. ( His stay inside all year. He has the Crassula muscosa – Watch chain.)

My daughter, poor thing, she has the plant sickness just like her Mom. She keeps accumulating more and more. And they grow so well for her. I love that!

Growing indoor plants in glass terrariums

How do you feel about growing plants indoors? If you have a greenhouse, consider yourself very lucky. I would love to have one but it is not something that I think would be justified for me since I don’t really overwinter many plants. And I don’t grow from seed any more inside. If I want something from seed, I winter sow. That is so easy!

Not looking forward to winter, but fall is so pretty, I think I can say I am looking forward to it. Have you seen any Wooly Bear Cats? I need to look for some for my annual prediction!

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