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Best Indoor Gardening Hack – Grow Light Timers

So now we are approaching our winter time, and I know a lot of you are bringing in plants from outside. But where are you putting all those plants? Don’t you find it hard to get a great position for them near a window? I don’t have any special solarium area or anything like that at my house, so I have to get creative to find a spot for my plants.

And it seems they multiply each year! ( Too many Plant Hauls!) Where can I put more plants? I always tell myself that I will just figure out somewhere. If you are a reader of my blog or my YouTube channel, you know that I have a basement area for my Garden Shop with a lot of shelving to set up my plants. Using regular LED lights has worked for me all last winter and I look forward to the same for this winter.

Indoor garden hack - grow light timers, saves so many steps

So far, the plants seem to keep a good color under these LED lights and they are not those colored lights, just a typical light that you might put over a craft bench or other workplace area. But the worst part about having those plants under lights in the basement is remembering to turn the lights on and off each morning and night.

Grow Light Timers

With my ever increasing number of plants, this past summer when I went on vacation, I knew I had to have some grow light timers so that the lights could be turned on and off while I was away. I examined the way I plug my lights in and saw that the cords seemed to be able to meet at two main outlets. My LED growing lights “piggyback” on each other, meaning that they have a cord on one end and a plug-in outlet on the other so that they can be stacked (for lack of a better word.)

For instance, I have three light bars on one set of shelves and those each plug into the next shelf’s bar light and the final one plugs into the actual outlet itself. I have two more shelves with two light bars each and all of those connect to each other. So I started checking out the grow light timers to see how this might work.

My plants sure have multiplied since last year

I use this Indoor Outlet Timer which works for plant lights or any other item that you need to work on a timed basis.

This link above is an affiliate link to Amazon and I could earn a small commission if you should make a purchase. But I really think this one is a great timer for indoor garden use. I don’t worry about my lights going on and off and have tested it many times. This one has two outlets so two sets of units can be plugged in, and these are both for the 3 prong plugs.

Best Indoor Gardening Hack - Grow Light Timers

I consider these grow light timers as a great garden hack  and I am using them in my living room too. Two large floor lamps help to illuminate my plants in that room and I have them on for 12 hours a day on timers so that those plants get additional light next to a window. Great light keeps the plants healthy and full, not to mention brightly colored as they should be. However, those timers are analog timers and I think they are harder to program and set up. But that’s just me.

Check out my video. I filmed it with the GoPro so that I could easily poke behind shelves and show you those grow light timers easily. I don’t think the film is as good as the ones that come from my camera, but that only showed after editing and uploading. Hope you can see them well enough!

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