Spiderwort - early morning in the garden

Misty May Morning in My Garden

It is so beautiful this early May morning in my garden.

It is ready to be a bright sunny day, but it has been an unusually cool night here in the 40s so it is a “bundle up” morning and the coffee is especially nice. I am so glad I got a lot of work done yesterday.

I really thought we were done with this cold stuff. < Whine>

Baptisia australis - blue false indigo - morning in the garden

After getting a second mug of coffee, I am strolling proudly through the garden, trying to capture the flowers in this special light. It may not show up in these pictures, but if you are a gardener, you know that misty look of the early morning which gives it a strangely soothing presence to me.

Right now, I am one step ahead of the weeds, so all is good!

Soapwort blooming - morning in the garden

I have worked a little here and there, potting up more hypertufas as I make them, but also re-arranging some of the other plants. I have quite a few Japanese Painted Fern that have sprouted from the spores of the mother plants , and I am planning to refresh some of those hypertufa planter bowls in the shade.

Some of my plants in those shade areas didn’t live through the winter. According to their plant tags, they were supposed to be hardy in zone 6 (even lower) so I will need to do a little research on them.  For instance, the Platt’s Black didn’t survive . It was labeled for zone 4-10 and it says that on the internet searches . It is herbaceous but I feel I have given it enough time to come back. I will need to contact that company.

I am planning a large oval landscape planter for the shade area, and I would sure like to know what will actually survive.


So I need to move some of them to create an opening, since this one will be about 25 gallon size.  And if it works, and we are able to move it into place, it will be there forever. Because once filled with soil, it will be way too heavy to move.

Basket Weave Hypertufa Pot - Morning in the garden

And don’t forget my little basket weave hypertufa. He is planted with Sedum angelina and it’s going gangbusters this year. He has been beside the giant T Rex trough so maybe he felt protected and grew well. But he is cute and I love him.

I have a new mold ready. I am planning to make a video as I make it. Yes, it’s another large one with an oval shape this time. I am really liking the large ones so here we go again. But I’ve already arranged for help to place it. (Thanks to my son and son-in-law and his friends.)

And its pedestals will probably again be 8″ concrete blocks.

concrete block

Yes, I may start on this today! After all that beauty I saw this morning, I need to add some more Stuff! You know what I mean?  I have a strawberry begonia, and dwarf Solomon’s Seal, and Ruby Bells Heuchera that have come back in the shade bowls. Along with the tiny mosses.  My shade garden is going to be awesome.

Have you made a shade garden hypertufa? Was it successful? Let me hear from you in the comments or on the Facebook Page.

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