Gardeners wish list - 10 items you may want to get them

10 Gifts For A Gardener’s Christmas Wishlist

Well, I am not throwing any hints to my husband and family….

First of all, I thought I would be doing this as a public service. Don’t we all need a Gardener’s Christmas Wishlist? Not throwing hints or anything. I really have everything that I need, but if you read this, Dear Husband,  I am trying to make it as easy as possible for you. And if you know a gardener, some of these may be on his or her wishlist too!

No excuses about not knowing what a gardener might want. A gardener’s Christmas Wishlist is pretty basic.  I have linked to them as I am an Amazon Affiliate and can earn a commission if you purchase through my link. ( This doesn’t affect the price you pay.) If you have any questions about that, see my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

I have been accepted into the Amazon Affiliate Shop program and have my own page on Amazon called “Kim’s Gardens.” Please check it out!

How about a  6 pack Terrarium Wall Hanging Planters so you can grow plants even on empty wall areas? Try a fairy garden or air plant with stones and moss. I’ve seen them used for a moss garden and for growing a little fairy garden scene designed with baby tears. It was so pretty.


How about some Waterproof Mid Calf Rain Boots?  These are perfect for the garden since they are water-proof and protect your feet. They can be hung to dry out easily and are so pretty to look at! Right?

A gardener always needs a good way to water the garden. I’ve purchased  one of those timers such as Orbit Dual Valve Digital Watering Hose Timer that attach to your faucet and I just love the time and trouble it saves me. I really could use one for each faucet.  I’d love to have one on each .

I have one hookup  in front and two of them around back. I don’t like to have to remember to turn the water off after I have set it to run….and many times I forget. I feel it is a waste. So it would be perfect to have one for each faucet.

More posts about my Backyard Flower Garden here.

Is this the year you will make a resolution to compost? You can buy a Miracle-Gro Small Composter Tumbler like I’d like to have for my back yard. It is the tumbling one so that I don’t have to worry about shifting the compost to keep it processing. And I will have a lot of fresh compost and feel like I have done my part for the greening of the earth’s resources.

But if you want to make one of your own, I have the info here on the blog. Check here.

I love Solar Pathway Lights. I think the shapes are so pretty and  look so nice out on the lawn , winter or summer, near my garden. I like the solar lights that don’t have to be plugged in and so I can put them anywhere.  In my garden, they seem to keep the light for a long time. And it’s so carefree to not have to worry! Just enjoy.

And doesn’t any gardener want more hummingbird feeders! The flat ones like these Rihogar Hummingbird feeders are a wonderful shape. It is nice and flat so that you can see the hummers all around without your view being blocked. And I know a lot of those films I see of hundreds of hummers at one feeder, they were those flat ones!  I am lucky to get two visiting at once, but fighting like angry football fans!  And this kind is easy to clean!

Gardener's Christmas WishList - included some for the Hypertufa makers too!

Now a little something for all the hypertufa makers out there.

How about some more shelving units for your work area? These 5 tier Shelving Units on Rollers are just perfect. Since they are on rollers, they are so easy to re-arrange. (Does everyone re-arrange as much as I do?) I like a wire unit for hanging hooks and things to put away for the season or to just have in handy reach.

Don’t forget that any aspiring Hypertufa Maker would want more Mixing Tubs . This MacCourt All Purpose Utility Tub is great for mixing, and this size especially has become a great mold for me in many instances. Nice large garden!

Mixing bin makes a great hypertufa mold

Protect your hands and nails! I know you have seen the videos and I don’t always wear my gloves, but I do regret it when I don’t. Get some extra Nitrile Gloves. These are boxes like tissues and can be pulled out easily when needed. Keep them on the workbench!

And finally, one of the most convenient items I use is the short handled  Carbon Steele Hand Hoe. This is easy to mix your hypertufa with and those rounded corners work really well for those Mixing Tubs with the rounded edges too. I am always looking for easy and faster, so that I can make more.

Well, I hope this has given you some ideas on what a gardener might want. You can pick one or two, or just get me all of them.

I deserve it! Oh yes I do! Do you hear that family?




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