photo of garden tools

The Garden Shed of My Dreams

Wow, the my garden shed is a dump!

At this time of year, my garden shed has collected so much excess and spilled dirt and useless articles, that I have to get in there and clean it out. So I am tackling that this weekend.

Got a lot swept out and some articles thrown into the recycle bin.  You know I collect a lot of plastic bowls, bins, tubs, etc for making my hypertufa and most quite a few of them end up not being used. But I still have SO many!

photo of CleaningShed

First of all, my garden shed is just your basic glorified tool shed. I have dreams of it looking like something out of a magazine advertisement from Country Gardens such as the one I got in the mail yesterday. This dream shed is so gorgeous! Love the colors and of course, all of the mums too, but I can’t see mine reaching this in my lifetime. But I can use it as inspiration!

photo of TheDreamShed

I would like to paint my shed in these colors, though. I think that would work for me. Forget the sliding doors. Love them, but I live in photo of Jerrysmiththe real world and I can live with my swinging doors. I rarely use the left side, but I can open that one if needed. I can just imagine the look on Jerry’s face if I said I wanted him to convert them to sliding doors! Coaxing him by trying to buy him a new hat won’t work!


And I am finding so many stink bugs! They are in everything I pick up, it seems. These bugs are finding winter quarters, I understand. And I hope I don’t have as much trouble this year as I did last year. I see them on the sides of the shed and then against the house too. They are even dive-bombing me as I walk through the garden. What is this? I hope it doesn’t mean we will have them even worse this year.

Anyway, I have most things straightened up, still some sweeping to do, but it is looking better. Maybe I can force myself to eliminate even more of the “excess”…..maybe.

photo of the garden shed mess

photo of the clean up

I still have the hypertufa containers to arrange in the garden area. I have moved a lot from the back yard since we are doing a Major Project there next weekend. More about that later.

Do you have a cleaning method for your garden shed? Any ideas for keeping it more in shape all through the year? Next year I am going to do better……….Do I hear Jerry laughing somewhere?


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