growth branches on African Milk Tree

Follow Up: African Milk Tree and Old Jade Plant

So many inquiries have come through my YouTube channel, Kim’s Gardens, asking about my African Milk Tree Plant and also about the Old Jade Plant that developed “stem rot” or whatever. Each of these plants was part of some propagation, so I thought I would address that in this post.

By the way, I am constantly trying to propagate my plants. When they get bigger, I just separate, clip, or somehow try to make another or rescue one from dire straits. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Propagations of African Milk Tree results

Cuttings from The African Milk Tree

It was a WIN! Those cuttings did well and my daughter has some large branches coming off those plants. I will include some photos.

Best of all, the bottom portion of the original plants did the best. Perhaps that is the case for most plants since there are already established roots and all it needs to do is push out some new branches. But these African Milk Tree plants look so awesome!

The tops that were cut off had to make their own roots and I guess that was a struggle from the get-go. We did lose a few of the cuttings. (Shorter pieces seemed to fare the worst.) We began with 8 (?) tops cut and, in the end, had four (tops) that were somewhat successful. However, these are growing very slowly compared to the original base Milk Trees.

2 pots of African Milk Tree cuttings

Old Huge Jade Was Lost

No matter what I tried with my old Jade, it was just not meant to live on. However, we do still have a smaller plant that was started from cuttings on the Old Jade. It is coming up to about 12 inches tall and has been growing for a few years.

What is left of my Old Jade 1

This current plant is at my daughter’s house (since it was her plant in the first place.) It has been doing well with our lights that add just the right amount of supplemental light that they seem to need.

And what are those lights sticking into the plants? These Full Spectrum LED Plant Lights are perfect to stick individually in a potted plant. You can’t always put a plant by a window and this solves a lot of problems for me and my daughter. Try one!

Plant lights in each pot of houseplants 1

In hindsight, I think I transplanted our Old Jade into too large of a container. I wanted a “floor plant,” but I should have just elevated in on some kind of support but in a medium-sized pot. But we only live and learn.

Pot Bound is better for Jades

The cuttings that I was able to save are now about 12 inches tall and seem to be doing well. My daughter has them in a south window but with supplemental lighting since she has a lot of trees in that rear yard.

Am I sticking to a smaller pot? Yes, for sure. My daughter chose a white/cream container since she decorates in earth tones of cream and brown. Accents in blue. It is looking great.

old jade plant cuttings

I hope that answers some of your questions about those plants, and I plan to also follow up on some other posts from the past. Thanks for reading!

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