small patio with lots of plants

Finding A Place For My Plants At The New Home

Well, I sure feel like Cinderella’s stepsister trying to cram her big feet into Cinderella’s tiny glass slipper! I had so much room at our old house up north and now down south in the new house, I am having a terrible time finding places for my plants.

Outside the house, I am having to place all my outdoor plants on a small 10×12 patio when I usually had a large deck that was four times that size. One bedroom of the four in this new house is my Plant Room. All my indoor plants go in there. Downsizing! I am limiting myself to two shelf sets.

two lighted plant shelf sets for indoor plants

Right now in early September, I have all my tender plants that need to go inside waiting on my potting bench to be replanted or refreshed with new soil and my Bonide treatment. That needs to get done asap.

I have decided to try to give away a lot of my plants through Facebook Groups. Some people may have greenhouses or other areas that they can overwinter large plants like I did in the basement, but I don’t have that luxury anymore. What would I do with the large Curly Spider Plant?

Curly Spider Plant or Chlorophytum Comosum Bonnie in white hanging pot

I will cut some clippings from my Tradescantia but I have got to keep it smaller and under control this year. That plant grows so fast and I definitely want to keep cuttings for next spring. Who knows what stage I will be in next spring for my plantings?

I brought some Coral Bells or Heuchera from my house to be planted in the ground here. I have found some room near the borders at the rear of the house. If I can get them rooted well enough to stay alive over winter, I will move them into a better place next spring.

various types of heuchera plants waiting to go into the ground

Moving With Movers Is Hectic

We did hire a moving company to do all the heavier furniture and garden plus garage things. That was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Painting and flooring occurred before this was all scheduled, so I had put off the date to weeks after closing. But “somehow” the dates were mangled, and we ended up with a lot later furniture move than I intended.

Maybe I am wrong since I have never had movers do the job for me but I thought it is best to move all the main furniture into the new property and then take all your “stuff.” By stuff, I mean all the packed clothes, dished, knick-knacks, etc that will need a place to go.

man carrying boxes and furniture off moving truck

We ended up with it backwards and it was so stressful. All our boxes were sitting all over the place and here comes the furniture with no open space to put it! OMG! Then it was just me to direct “Where do you want this?” Who knows?

So Did My Plants Make It Safely?

Most of my plants made it safely here. Some are a little crushed, pruned, shredded or otherwise damaged, but overall the move was successful. As you can see in the video, a few of the hypertufa troughs and bowls didn’t survive.

Finding A Way to Get All My Plants...And The Rest of the Furniture to The New House. Part Two

Perhaps those particular troughs had been in one place for so long that they had “bonded” with the soil underneath and just would not move. That particular rectangular hypertufa trough that just crumbled when I tried to move it had an elaborate ant colony underneath!

I left it in place since we were putting broken ones into the trash and I didn’t want to add a whole colony of ants to the buyer’s trash can. They certainly wouldn’t appreciate that!

potting tables full of tender plants to find a place for in my new home

I can see I will be busy transplanting into fresh soil with a Bonide treatment and “thinning the herd” by giving away or selling some of these plants. Should I propagate some of these like I usually do for wintering over? Surely I can find a place for that!

And so it begins…or continues…however you want to look at it.

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