My cloverleaf pot in the snow

February Snows – Hypertufa Pots Buried In Snow

After a quick trip through the garden on Ground Hog Day, just checking around, I only feel more anxious for spring to get here. All of the hypertufa garden plants which are outside in the snow look wonderful. The colors peeping through the snow seem strange, but just make me long for spring.

Sedum rupestre "Angelina" in a hypertufa pot. Wonderful colors!

I promise myself that this year I will spend every moment I can outside in the garden. I can write these posts from my garden shed, right?

If the Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work, then I can just prep the post on Word anyway. I think that it is inspiring to write directly from the garden anyway, don’t you?

It is cold and snowy and school was canceled for my grandson, but I am busy getting supplies out for seed planting. But I am not planting for myself but for the garden sales I take part in by donating plants. My garden club and the Master Gardeners here both have a spring plant sale to raise funds for the clubs. I like to donate and then also help during the sale.

By the way, these are good places to get plants in the spring. They come from the gardens of the clubs and are shared for purchase, usually with names and varieties listed. At least, that is our requirements when we accept donations. When you buy something, you at least want to know what it is and what color and size it will be, correct?

I like to donate, but I will be donating excess plants from the garden, but I tend to hoard my sedums and succulents. I just can’t have too many of those!

Can you give me any ideas of what you might be looking for at a plant sale? What is too expensive at the garden center to buy? What can I plant that you would want to buy?


I have a lot of Sedum “Coral Carpet” so I might be persuaded to part with some of it.


My sempervivums are doing pretty well, and I should have a lot of those for the Rock Garden and the new garden hypertufa planters  and hypertufa pots and bowls which I will be making. Semps will just “explode” in the spring when they start sending out chicks all around. I hope to get enough for another large T Rex Trough which I will make as soon as the weather gets near warm enough for making such a large planter.

I promise I will make some head vases this year. I only have the one so far, and I made that with a wig form, so I have to see how I can move ahead. It has been tested this year outside in the snow to see if it would break down. But at this point, it seems to have survived the winter. I was afraid its hypertufa coating would break off. But it is still intact and going strong. Hooray!


But let’s just keep wishing for spring. It will be here soon and then things will start getting really hectic, right?

Stay busy and keep reading. Comment if you have questions or any ideas for me.


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