4 hypertufa pots on shelf

7 Favorite Hypertufa Pots I Love

The Joys of Hypertufa! It seems to me as if it’s the perfect combination of art and gardening. My favorite Hypertufa pots and planters are a delight to see and yours can truly be something special in your garden.

I know I love them in mine.

flower bed with large rectangle hypertufa pot

Allow me to take you on a tour of some of my favorite hypertufa pots that I have made, each with its own unique charm.

This first one is the oldest I think I have. It was made about 12+ years ago with a wooden form that my husband and I built. It was made with a high ratio of Portland (1:1:1)and I think that is why it is so sturdy.

favorite hypertufa pot planted with babys breath and erodium
Same hypertufa as in the image above, planted for shade

And it is not just the anguler ones that I like. Some of my most favorite hypertufa pots are Large round pots. It was peaking in the corner in the image above, but here she is in all her glory.

She is planted up with mini hostas and Baby’s Tears. Those Baby’s Tears do so well in hypertufa in the shade since that porous texture can hold water, yet drain away so as not to drown them. Such a quickly spreading plant.

Round hypertufa pot with baby tears and hostas
Keep this one moist and the baby’s tears love it.

As you can see, each hypertufa pot can be a true work of art and would bring a smile to anyone who sees them. They just add a little magic to your garden space.

It is a shame here in Ohio that my Baby’s Tears die out unless I bring them inside. But the Hostas just come up again each year. I will catch a blooming image this spring.

More Favorites

ridged hypertufa planter with plants
Ridged mold made a perfect hypertufa pot

The ridges that carried over from the mold were great on this Favorite Hypertufa Pot. I made quite a few of these, plus sold or raffled off a few more.

Finally my mold broke and I couldn’t make any more. But I am always on the look out for another hypertufa mold similar to this one.

Budding iris in ridged favorite hypertufa pot
Budding dwarf iris in this pot

For indoor houseplants, I have made special bowls and containers with hypertufa that were perfectly suited for the size and shape of a particular plant.

This Aloe looked just right in a tall round bowl, don’t you think?

Aloe planted in deep round hypertufa bowl
I pick up these metal stands at Thrift store

Sometimes A Perfect Pairing of Pot to Plant

This favorite hypertufa of mine shows up so many times in my banners and images for Facebook, but I just love it. The mold I used was just a wooden box (if I remember correctly), and its slanted sides made it perfect to slide out.

I have a few Pot Feet made from yogurt cups and they sometimes add just the right touch, don’t you think?

cube shaped hypertufa pot planted with Blue Clips perennial
Perfect cube shape for a planter

I did try some weird “different” ways to create a hypertufa pot and some worked differently than I expected. For instance, this pot was made with foam? I ended up using Shaving Cream to get a different look.

Truthfully, it made a great pot but really no different than the regular hypertufa mixes I use anyway. But it was a fun experiment.

my aircrete favorite hypertufa
Nice flat trough for sempervivems

A Draped Hypertufa Pot Used To Be A Favorite

I have made quite a few Draped Hypertufa in my time, but after a while, I got tired of that too-similar of a shape.

After all, bowls and troughs are what appeal to me best, so I rarely make that type anymore. But the first one I made is still going strong. And I don’t even remember how many years old it is!

draped hypertufa with plants
Draped hypertufa pot, deep and roomy.

Hypertufa pots can be one of your favorites also. These unique pots can be lightweight, porous and are easy to make. These pots can be a versatile and durable option for your indoor or outdoor plants.

So why not give hypertufa a try for your next project. It is best done outdoors or in a garage. So with spring weather coming, make some plans to make a favorite for yourself. All the directions are here.

And check out my YouTube channel Kim’s Gardens if you want to see it done!

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