It's just a part of Family Life - Home Repairs. They will sneak up on you when you least suspect. And Bam! More bills!

Home Repairs – The Perks of Home Ownership

If we didn’t have bad luck, we wouldn’t have any luck at all. That sure has seemed to be the case around our house this winter. It makes me wonder what is in store for us in the future months. But when I sit down and think of all the bad stuff that could have happened, we really had it easy…………as home repairs go.  See more Family Life here.

Let me tell you about it. In November, I had a wonderful lazy morning . Fresh hot coffee, read some email and just a few minutes looking at Facebook…….and then Pinterest………..and then Youtube…..and then back to Facebook for just a quick look at all the rants and raves on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Page.  Oh, let me check out what they are saying on the Gold Rush Page.

Oh my, look at the time! I have to shower and get ready. And so I did. But I came downstairs to a rainstorm !

In my kitchen.

Coming from the ceiling……..Yeah!

Family Life - Home Repairs - Leaks in the Kitchen ceiling

Of course, my shower drain pipe was leaking. Something about the pipe insertion into the drain thingy got loose and started leaking. ( Hate to throw all these technical terms at you. LOL) But we called the plumber and he came out and fixed it pretty quickly. Just between you and me, it would have been quicker if my husband and the plumber had not immediately “bonded” like long-lost brothers and yakked forever exchanging life stories.

But that is fixed, dried out, drywall and fixed and re-plastered and all that jazz so that I didn’t have Christmas dinner with a hole in my ceiling.

So what happens this month?  Wind!

Just a week ago, I looked out across my back deck in the early morning, sipping my coffee and admiring the hypertufa pots out there.  Wait, is that a piece of cardboard lying there?  Lying up against a pot but landing a little bit on the plant?  I have to move that and put it in the bins.  So I put my feet into my slippers and walked out there and ……

No, it is not cardboard.

It is a section of Vinyl Freaking Siding !

There's always something when you are a homeowner. Family Life means Home repairs.

I walked on down the deck steps over into the edge of the garden beds. More pieces. With sharp angles at the ends. What ?

I looked up above my garden, next to the fireplace. Missing pieces, dangling pieces.

Oh the joys of Home ownership! It’s home repairs! How can I express my joy?

If you are wondering why I didn’t call my insurance company, read my post about home insurance here.  You never want to call your insurance company to make an estimate for repairs. Find out the amount of your damages first and decide whether or not you want to place claim against your insurance company. I thought repairs might be under $500 for this small amount of damage, my deductible is $1000, so I did not want a “claim” against my policy even if it reflected No Payout.  I have a similar post about auto insurance here.

Called the Roofing and siding company and had them come out for an estimate.  Prayed that it won’t be too much. Again we dodge a bullet and the repairs were not too bad. We had an extra box of the siding in the attic rafters of the garage just kept there in case of this type of emergency. So we only had to pay to have him put them back up.  A buy J-channel for the edges. Nice guy who didn’t trample my garden. He put his ladder out far enough that I didn’t have to worry. ( He was safe, the ladder is made to do that if necessary.)

Now we are all fixed up again.

But now I am worried.  We have been hit by water. We have been hit by wind. What next?

Call me crazy, but I have taken all the candles we have and put them in the garbage. Why take chances?







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