Fairy Garden Pictures and Ideas

Fairy Garden Ideas With Fairy Garden Pictures!

Don’t you just love those tiny fairy garden pictures showing all your favorite plants, but all in miniature? I love the idea of making a little scene even though I tend to want just the basics such as a little house or potting shed with a lawn of Baby Tears or Creeping Thyme. But there are certainly a lot of garden ideas out there. I just need to try it myself.

I recently saw some of the most elaborate and beautiful ideas, again at the Meadow View Growers. It is awesome how one can walk into a place like that garden center and be so inspired to try it on your own.

Fairy Garden Pictures and a video too!

How Do You Plant Your Fairy Gardens?

I like a fairy garden that will last for a long period of time. Sometimes these fairy gardens are planted with small versions of plants which will grow over time, such as a month or so, and quickly outgrow the container you have planted up.  I don’t prefer that type of fairy garden though. It takes a lot of time to get them planted just right and I want to enjoy it for a long time. If it grows too quickly, then it seems to me that it would just be better to create a little vignette in your main garden.

Now if you have a Huge Area such as what I am showing in the video, then you are good to go with all kinds of plants. In fact, the Plumosa Fern in this one is the centerpiece and it is towering over the whole garden. Beautiful. Here, take a look at the video.


But what I want is tiny plants that stay tiny (spreading is ok, love spreading) naturally. I like tiny Baby Tears and Elfin Thyme and I have to have my favorite Erodium each year.  In other words, I like a tiny plant that will stay under 3-5 inches. I need to find more of those.

Fairy Garden Pictures - Erodium

FYI, a lot of sedum stays pretty tiny, so my Coral Carpet, Watch Chain, Sexangulare….a lot of these will work out fine. Even some of the sempervivums are very tiny. I have some very tiny coral carpet which just makes a tiny mulch in a field of other sedum. I have some great photos of that coming soon in more posts. Be sure to subscribe so that you won’t miss a post.

While we were out today filming, I saw another fairy garden but it just lacks imagination, I think. Plunking a fairy into a potted plant does not make a fairy garden. These are pretty plants though! Have you make any fairy gardens? There are some Facebook Groups for them and I have seen so many fairy garden pictures there. I like to keep an eye out for tiny plants no matter where I can find them.

Small fairy garden from lowes - not as imaginative in my opinion

Thanks for listening and reading. Please Pin and share. It helps so much when you do that. And I love the comments from all of you. Thanks so much for watching my YouTube channel Kim’s Gardens.  I have reached a milestone of 2 million views and that makes me feel awesome. 

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