No Drain Holes I got it covered.

Need That Pot For Planting? Put Drain Holes In It!

I have written a post previously about drilling holes in the hypertufa containers that you make. It is simple and easy to do with a hand-held drill and the proper masonry drill bit. See that post here.

But no matter what pot you may have, if you want to sacrifice it by drilling a hole, it is very easy to do. There are some containers that I have ( or that I see in a market) that I think would be so special as a container. Hey, I have some containers other than hypertufa! But I usually weigh the pros and cons of drilling a hole.

Drain Holes the easy way!

Warning: There is always a risk that the container will split or crack when you drill a hole, so be sure that you are willing to “Let It Go” before you go ahead and drill. I usually have a container that I have had for a long time and then make a decision to turn it into a planter.

Mostly I am speaking of the ceramic or plastic type of planter. You can pick these up and Garage Sales or Tag Sales and I have heard of some wonderful finds at the Goodwill or Thrift shop. I am in there a lot looking for special hypertufa molds. ( I have got to stop.)

Drain Holes - Make Them This Easily!

These ceramic or clay-based containers are not safe to be out in the snow and ice. They will split and burst someday. You may not notice until you go out in the spring and try and move it, finding a big split down the side. So keep those for indoor plants or for something you would bring inside during the cold and freezing months of the year.

No, not that one. No drain holes for you!

How I Put In Drain Holes

Of course, I made a video of drilling a drain hole in the pot we were using for our plantings with my daughter. I told you all about that in my last post, plus the video which has received a lot of views. Thank you!

Perfect for making a drain hole

So I am including the film of that too. This time I am using the big Drill Press that my husband has in his side of the basement, the Man Cave.  It is set up and ready to turn on when I need a hole drilled. Wear goggles of course to protect your eyes and follow all the safety rules for that type of equipment.

But it is wonderful to drill a hole in just a few seconds. Hmmm, don’t I need more plants, then?


  1. Vicki Zwiebel says:

    I’m going to the barn right now to see if Wes has one of those, and if not, he’s so getting one for his birthday!
    Jerry has a very nice shop too!

    1. LOL, I’ll bet he has one. I think I have used it more this spring than anyone has!

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