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Custom Plant Markers – I Have To Be Different

I like to know what my plant’s name is, I just do!

There are so many times when someone asks me “What’s that?”  I am walking through the garden and trying to seem knowledgable, and she is asking me what that plant’s name is?  It could be a plant I have written a post about.  It could be one I admire and know well.  But I cannot think of the name! It is so frustrating!

Custom Plant Markers - Make them yours!

Don’t Think You Won’t Need Plant Markers

You eventually will even if you don’t think you do now.  I am pretty good at remembering plant names, but as soon as someone says “Ask Kim, she will know the name.”  Stress, pressure, put-on-the-spot. I am blank. So if I have them marked, I will be good.  Isn’t it true that if you have something there, you will never need it. But if it isn’t there, you desperately need it? Same is true for plant names.

Now as you know, I am a frugal gardener.  If I am going to spend money, it will be for more succulents or other plants. I hate to spend if I don’t have to, so here is my method to have cute and custom plant markers.

I like my markers to blend or coordinate with my plants, and I also like small markers. So these work perfectly for me.  You will need a paint color of choice and a set of plastic plant markers. I got my markers at Walmart for $1.50 for a 10 pack.  Just to compare, those copper-look frames are very nice, but those run upwards of #15.99 to $22.99 for a 10 pack!  I don’t think so. I can get some plants with that money. Or another bag of Portland cement!

I chose a dark burgundy-brown color of spray paint. Be sure to get the one that is labeled for its capability to adhere to plastic. I chose Rust-Oleum American Accents 2X Ultra Cover which I also picked up in Walmart for less than $4.00

Supplies for Custom Plant Markers

Pick out any color you like. I wanted one that blended with the colors in my sempervivum. The tips of the petals are deep burgundy during parts of the year and I just thought it would be a cute accent.  You could use greens or blues…….maybe match the tone of your garden such as bright oranges or reds.  One can of paint will paint hundreds of markers, so it could last over a few years, right?

How easy is it to paint? Simple.  Get a piece of discarded Styrofoam from an old packing crate. Or maybe you have some left from a project making “Almost Hypertufa?”  

Plant labels customized

Just stick the labels in a row into the Styrofoam. Make them far enough apart to get the spray paint on them. You can do a row of 10 in a few minutes. They dry quickly and there you go!  Ready to put in a label or write with a permanent pen.

I use my [easyazon_link identifier=”B002M7W9GW” locale=”US” tag=”thehypegard0d-20″] Brother P-Touch Personal Labeler [/easyazon_link] which is so easy to use. Mine is older, but still working perfectly and printing labels for garden markers – or anything in personal office needs etc. It was well worth the investment.  I love mine. I am an Amazon Associate and would make a small commission if you purchase through this link, but this commission is paid by the seller. It does not affect your price. Thank you for your support of my website if you choose to purchase via one of my links. 

plant marker labeler

So get outside and make some plant markers that really enhance your garden. And do it for just pennies compared to those high priced ones. Don’t you think these are pretty?






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