Creative space for hypertufa making - searching out the right spot

I’m Setting Up Creative Space For Making Hypertufa

I am setting up a new creative space or special area for hyperutfa making. Even though I have the area in my garden shop in the basement, I want one outside so that I can really get messy with my cement. Using the garden hose for clean up is a really great thing, and I sure can’t do that in the basement.

Spraying out on the deck is not the best thing in the world, since I have garden beds around and washing the excess “tufa droppings” into the beds can’t be the best thing for surrounding plants.

So I have made a spot to create hypertufa outdoors by the garden shed out there. It will be under a tree and near some hydrangea bushes so should make a pretty area for photos. That’s important to me.

There is no electric out there at the little garden shed,  but I do have the option of running an extension cord from the corner of the deck. Same thing for the water supply. I will just hook up to the faucet by the deck (this faucet is off the well, not our house water)  and run the hose out next to me. We shall see how all this works for my next projects. Setting the projects to cure should be no problem since I like to set them out under trees or bushes so that they are in the shade for the first days prior to coming out of the mold.

I need a creative space to make hypertufa

Even though I have two garden benches inside the basement garden workshop, I don’t want to take those outside since I use them inside. They had previously been outside so would be a good work table, but I feel like I would need something else inside  of their height. But those are some kinks I have to work out. I may end up putting one of them outdoors.

Alternatively, I have planned to use an old table that we have had for years even though it is not meant for outdoor work. It is a heavy steel-framed table and its top will deteriorate over time, but I will worry about that when it happens. I can store some of my supplies out in the garden shed so that I won’t have to go back and forth for some of my essentials. Best part is that this is far away from the deck so that the “mess” won’t be visible.

The worst part is that it is far away from the deck. You see where I am going here, right?  I may get more exercise though!

Creative Space for Myself

Supplies for making Hypertufa Planters

Since I have all my hypertufa-making supplies in covered trash cans, I should be able to either truck them out in a wagon for a huge project, or mix the essential ingredients together inside and mix out back. Either way, this will be a trial year to see how this works. Hopefully, it will be efficient and I can make modifications as I figure out what is needed.

A cement mixer for when I am really in the mood to make hypertufa

And if I am ON A ROLL, so to speak, remember I can roll out my Cement Mixer and really push some hypertufa out quickly! Really this is a great option while I am out there, right? Volume is key!

Meanwhile, I have three hose-holder bowls, several creative planters, and a few “pantyhose” planters in mind and in the works. I plan to show each in its own video so those will be upcoming soon.

Wonder how my neighbors will like the sound of the cement mixer? We shall see!

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