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3 Terrariums Filled With Club Moss or Selaginella

Accidentally in some ways, I have a closed terrarium of club moss or Selaginella that is doing rather well. Surprised me when I thought it was dying out & it just started growing again.

The club moss is actually Selaginella kraussiana. This has grown very well in my bottle garden. In fact, so well that it is growing itself out of space so it is just a matter of time before that one will just die since it has no more room. Selaginella krasussiana Golden Club Moss “Aurea.”

image of club moss in a glass jar terrarium
Hard to photograph due to glare on glass

But the terrarium I am speaking of this time is sort of an accidental success. I have this portion of Club Moss (or Selaginella) in another terrarium from last year but it had seemed to die off. What happened? I am not sure.

If you have any of this Club Moss, it can seem very finicky in some ways and responds quickly to circumstances either for the good or bad. Mine seemed to die off, then a sprig of green started up again and has gradually filled the bottle again.

up close detail of Clus Moss or Selaginella branch
Look at the branches of the selaginella club moss

I have not had the lid off in probably six months and the Selaginella just keeps growing. I have this in the basement under grow lights so it keeps a constant temperature of approximately 60°F and that may be why it is doing so well.

Yes, there are some gnats inside there. I think they got in before I completely closed off the terrarium, but it seems as though they are developing a little ecosystem all on their own. Weird isn’t it? I wonder how many are in there?

image of large terrarium with lid, inside is club moss or selaginella

What About My Peacock Moss or Rainbow Fern?

I still have the Peacock Moss (Selaginella uncinata) in the Terrarium/Aquarium. It has grown well and is trying to escape the Aquarium, but I keep snipping it back. It is a pretty blue color and doesn’t need much care at all. This one is an entirely OPEN terrarium for the Peacock Fern.

The time may come when I need to divide this large growing field of Peacock Fern or Rainbow Moss ( Selaginella uncinata) , but I am not sure I want to tackle that yet. If it works, let’s leave it alone, right?

up close image of peacock fern or selaginella uncinata

I hope you can see the blueish color of this plant. It is almost like a mirror reflecting the blue around you but then seems green when you look at it from another angle. Long tendrils grow out from the side of the “terrarium” but I don’t let them get beyond.

Perhaps I will put some in the soil in another terrarium and see if they will grow there. but if they do, what will I do with more of this?

up close image of a branch of selaginella
Image courtesy of Canva Pro

Isn’t this a beautiful up close image of the branch of a Selaginella uncinata. (The Peacock Fern or Peacock Moss, I have heard it called both.) The tiny stems do have very tiny leaves along them just like that. So miniature!

Can I Trim The Long Stems?

I haven’t had any problems trimming the long stems as they try and grow out of the Aquarium/Terrarium. One can only hope that the trimming will make more branching occur and the plant will get thicker and bushy.

Can You Root These in Water?

Once last year I tried rooting the cuttings and I did not have any success. Perhaps I was just unlucky or unskilled, but it didn’t work for me. The small stem just slowly turned brown and dried up.

What’s Wrong If It Turns Yellow?

In my opinion, the most common thing wrong if it turns yellow is too little water. It is a moisture-loving plant and can dry out quickly because there are a lot of leaves, tiny though they are, to transpire the moisture away.

A rich soil with deep enough drainage for a terrarium is great. I like the glass sides so that I can judge the amount of water in the soil. Most of the time, I water about once a week by just pouring a pint or two of water inside. (There is a lot of soil in this aquarium/terrarium.)

Video of My Club Moss or Selaginella

Including my Peacock Fern or Rainbow Moss

Club Moss in My Terrarium! and Peacock Fern in the Aquarium/Terrarium - It is Mossy & Ferny Here!

Let me know if you have any questions. I will try to answer based on my experience. I am not any expert on these plants, I just grow them and enjoy!

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