Blooming Clearance Amaryllis

How Long Did My Clearance Amaryllis Last?

If you have seen my video on my YouTube channel about my Clearance Amaryllis this year, then you can appreciate my excitement that my four amaryllis bulbs have finally finished blooming.

Yes, it is early April and those amaryllis bulbs that I got on clearance at Christmas and New Years did a great job in giving me blooming colors for the last few months.

Red amaryllis blooming on windowsill
Background is new driveway going in.

What more could I ask for just a $1 each?

At first I thought these marked down amaryllis bulbs would not bloom. As you saw in the video, when I opened a box there was the stem forcing itself around inside the box, trying to find a way out to show its Fierce Self.

Red Lion amaryllis on clearance for $1

They bloomed, each and every one of those four bulbs I planted. These bulbs were planted in clear glass containers, heavy so they wouldn’t topple. But also so that I could confirm roots developing. Worked so well!

Amaryllis roots in a clear glass container.

And not just one blossom. I got at least four to six blossoms on each stem. I just needed to be careful with watering. But it was very easy. I could “see” dryness and wetness.

Window sill full of houseplants includes red blooming amaryllis

The Amaryllis cheered me up so much. I sat them in the front window ledge and the evening sun would light them up brilliantly.

Throughout January and February and March, the amaryllis blooms had either a background of white snow or faded grass.

4 blossoms on a red amaryllis

And if you were wondering, all of the stems straightened up and did me proud. I felt really good about the purchase.

Next year? I will get a lot more and have a full window sill of blooms.

4 amaryllis bulbs blooming on window sill

All those bulbs are now trimmed of their stalks and are waiting to be planted together and go out on the patio for the summer.

I fully expect them to bloom in the middle of summer because that is what my amaryllis bulbs usually do.

Amaryllis plant bulbs waiting to go outdoors
This morning in eastern sunlight waiting to be potted. Apr 12

Planning to plant all of these amaryllis bulbs together so that they can keep each other company. I think that will work out the best. I will be sure to include them in an update video this summer.

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