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Cute and Easy Ghosts!

Here’s a cute Halloween decorating idea! These little cute and easy ghosts are the cutest things for a Halloween decorating idea. And these ghosts can be set out for the full Halloween season. They can sit around the house or on the table as a centerpiece lending an air of whimsy for a party.  Or…

Family Life

Changes Going On In My World

Accepting Changes, I guess that is what life is all about. If there is one thing you can count on all your life, it will be that there will be changes and that you must deal with them when they occur. Many of you who read my blog know that I wrote a few months…

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The Fading Art of The Home Handyman

When something breaks down, what do you do? Nothing hits the wallet (and ruins your budget) like repairs, right?  Such as those repairs that are needed when you least expect them on a major household appliance, or your car, or the garage door opener. So you can imagine my dread when, a few months ago,…