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Do I Have To Leave My Big Hypertufa Behind Again?

History is about to repeat itself. Or can I avoid leaving my big hypertufa behind once again? As you know if you have read my blog very long, I moved over three years ago and had to leave my favorite Big Hypertufa behind since it was too heavy.

big hypertufa at front of brick house

Now I am faced with another move and I don’t know if this newer one that I made here will be able to make the move with me. She is not quite as big as the one I left behind the first time, but she is still very heavy. I cannot move her myself.

It falls upon my son and his friends or maybe my grandson will be able to help in the move this time. The Big hypertufa is currently planted up with Erodium and with Polka Dot plants. So how did the Polka Dot plants do in it this year?

polka dot plants too big for planter of erodium

As you can see, I don’t like the Polka Dot plants in this container. They are so big and tall that they have drowned out the Erodium.

I thought they would stay little and ground-hugging like they seem inside when I grow them. But outside they just stretch their wings! Perhaps it’s too shady there for them.

erodium with pink polka dot plants

My Favorite Plant – Erodium

It seems that the Erodium didn’t do as well this year because it was overshadowed by the Polka Dot plant. The area where I have this large Hypertufa is under a Japanese Maple Tree so it is shaded until late in the day.

When the Polka Dot plant grows up 12-15 inches above it, there is less and less sun that reaches my precious Erodium, so it is flowering less than it normally does. We can’t have that, now can we?

colorful polka dot plants
Polka dot plant doesn’t work for my Big Hypertufa

Where Can The Big Hypertufa Go At The New House?

If the hypertufa can be lifted and taken to the new house (we closed on Tuesday!) , I am still not sure where it can go. The front of the new house is a western exposure just like it is used to here, so I may set it on the front beds or on the porch?

I have to be sure where I want it because these guys will never move it once I get it over there….IF I can get it over there. It seems I really need to do some studying to figure out where I want it to sit!

vinca and ivy in overgrown border against brick house
I am considering getting rid of this long border…invasive.

All The Rest of My Hypertufa Bowls and Troughs

It seems like the most logical choice for me is to put all the bowls and troughs (or most of them) in my front bed of Periwinkle and English Ivy. That would be a nice backdrop for the hypertufa planters. All that foliage being dark green, right?

And that bed is relatively free of weeds except for here and there. Finally this week I will be able to get in there and pull some weeds, rain or shine. However, I am considering just pulling it all out and starting with a gravel bed or mulch.

Once Again, Will I Have To Leave My Big Hypertufa Behind?

Once I get the small back garden where the Weathered Bird Bath is located and clean it up a bit, I can put several of my outdoor hypertufa planters there. Check out my video and see what you think.

Then I will need to get started on re-potting a lot of my tender succulents and other plants with a fresh Bonide treatment. That is the only thing that I have found that helps me get rid of the unwanted gnats that I inevitably bring back inside with me in late summer and fall.

assorted hypertufa pots on patio table

I wrote about my gnat treatment that works here in this post. Try some Systemic Bonide treatment via my affiliate link here. I almost guarantee that you will have less and less gnats this winter with your indoor plants who summered outdoors!

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  1. Adrienne k Hernandez says:

    I wish you all the luck in the world and I am so sorry you have to move again. I know what it is to move an entire household. BUT…don’t you dare leave that big one…lol…Find some who will move it….maybe someone who does yards, or a small company that specializes in moving. Again, I am happy you found a nice place, but with your own things, it becomes home faster.

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