Best Office Plants - Easiest too!

Best Office Plants? Succulents!

Do you have some plants indoors to get you through the winter? I sure do. I have some in my windows facing the South and these help during the days when you long to get outside and it is just not the best day…..such as ice, snow, howling winds and more.

Best Office Plants - Of course it would be succulents!

Can’t wait til Spring! I am so tired of cold!

Maybe you are looking for the best office plants to take to work and put on your desk. Glancing over at them during a stressful day can bring some peace to your mind, no matter how minor. So try taking some to work.

Or maybe your office is right there at home? Perhaps it is only in my house but my succulents are common house plants.  The colors can range from a deep green to a bright vibrant green. My Thanksgiving cactus has shades of green mixed with maroon hues. Green is a color that evokes emotions connected to Nature and so it can sooth your mind during stressful times.

Succulents are easy plants to grow since they require so little care and can even thrive with some neglect. If you tend to over-water plants, then neglecting these succulents is good for them. They don’t need much water.

Ferocactus - Best Office Plants - Lots of Pups

I have this ferocactus planted in a hypertufa dish and it has done really well through the past few years. It is making new babies or pups, but I have left them alone. Those little guys are full of stickers! The cactus seems to like its location at home, but would be content in an office if placed near a bright window. Don’t put it directly in the hot sun. It will NOT be happy.

Cacti and succulents - Best Office Plants

I have a lot of succulents planted in terrariums or glass bowls and these work just wonderfully to take to the office or to use in small windowsills or desk shelves. That bowl is glass and the level of water can be seen. I wrote a lot about that in this post.

Some of these plants are so easy to grow and care for that you could have a collection at work. They even make a great gift if you should have a gift exchange of some kind.  Check out the terrarium I made with the watch chain plant. It grows like gangbusters in the terrariums and evens blooms!

Hardy succulents - NOT the best office plants

Of course, the hardy succulents like hens and chicks are NOT for indoors. These do best outside all year in all kinds of weather. Use the tender or soft succulents like aloes, haworthia, jade plants, kalanchoe, etc. ( In your area you may have these outside all year around too, but I am in zone 6 and cold would kill them.)

Hens and chicks stay out and multiply all year, so don’t try and bring those indoors. But enjoy succulent plants in your office or work station where ever you are. I can do it in the kitchen window. And I do!

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