Beauty Without Words

Almost Wordless Wednesday – Beauty Without Words

I can try and represent beauty without words, but that will be hard for me. I seem to always want to say something. But I took some photos today in my garden and , to me, they are just so beautiful that I don’t even need words to express their beauty. They can do that all by themselves.

Aren’t they just gorgeous!

image of Love in a Mist flowers

Whispering: If you don’t already know, I just love this plant. It is so easy to grow, just throw some seeds into the garden and it grows up between other flowers. Does any other flower look like this?  I don’t think so!

Love in a Mist - Beauty Without Words

My hypertufa planter trough is full of sedum sexangulare and it is just beginning to bud. Soon it will be a mass of yellow flowers. This sedum multiplies so well which gives me a lot to share with new hypertufa pots.

Beauty without words - sedum sexangulare ready to bloom

FYI, I did find out the name of my mystery sedum.  This grows so fast and so well in the hypertufa pots and I am in love. I lost the tag and tried all over to figure out what it was. So now I know. It is a Sedum spurium “Immergrunchen.”  I know, a real mouthful. I will be adding this to a lot of troughs and bowls.

My unknown sedum finally named. Immergrunchen !

A full view along a part of the fence shows the blue false indigo and spiderwort, both blooming with a beautiful blue and purple color. It is covered with bees almost all of the time.  Creeping jenny lights up the ground and it is looking pretty now. It will soon bloom with yellow flowers.

Beauty without words - May 2017

I love my hardy geraniums and this Johnson’s Blue never disappoints me. As you can see, I am fighting the wild violet which wants to take over the whole bed. I should be pulling it but since the seed capsules have already burst, I am in no hurry. There will be 10k more next spring.

Beauty without words - Johnson's blue hardy geranium

A colorful hypertufa pot with sempervivum and Sedum coral carpet ( and there are a few sprigs of sexangulare too!)

Beauty without words - Coral reef and sempervivum

I have some big hens and chicks in the gravel and stones. Those bits of purple are petals of penstemon falling around.  This is another flower from seed that I have grown. It scatters itself around and comes up here and there adding airy color.

Sempervivum sprinkled with penstemon petals - Beauty without words

I hope you have enjoyed the trip through my garden this Wednesday. I have made a few videos and will try and edit so that you can see it better. Watch my YouTube channel and subscribe and you will get all updates. I want to try to make videos more often.

Enjoy the garden!


  1. AdrienneKay says:

    Break that bottle and save those plants please

    1. Sorry, shattering the glass would put so many splinters of glass all over and into the soil that I would have to discard of the whole lot! Plants and all. 😨

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