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Painting Those Bargain Plant Shelves For The Deck

If you have been following my blog and YouTube channel, you have seen the wonderful bargain I got on plant shelving from our local grocery store. For the last several months, they have been selling succulents (and some other plants) for an amazing price of $1 each or as the sign says “10 for $10.”

image of plant shelves at grocery store

My daughter swooped in and snagged me a bunch and I have a couple of videos about it on my YouTube channel.

Now I have three of those and they are really strong shelves (very heavy) but it is rough wood. So it is a rustic look but seems to go well with all my hypertufa planters and various other types of planters I have. I am so pleased with these shelves.

image of painted shelves

If you haven’t seen the video, I got them for 25¢ each. Not a missprint. 25¢

Shocking, isn’t it? But we took all three of various sizes and brought them home (courtesy of one of my daughter’s friends) . They have been out on my deck. Well, two of them on the deck and one inside. Not sure where all of them will end up, but I am intending them to be used outside. Or maybe I should say painted so that they can be outside or inside.

image of plant shelves back on deck

So we have worked on getting them all ready. Even though they have been in the background on a few videos, we are just getting them painted up and I need to show you the results.

Bargain Paint Shelves Will Need Paint/Sealer

So that these painted plant shelving would be able to survive in the weather, I chose a paint for outdoors with a bit of sealer. Almost as if I was choosing one to seal my hypertufa bowls. I ended up buying more since this rough-hewn wood soaks up a lot of paint.

image of quart of valspar stain and sealer

FYI: We first started painting with cans of spray paint, but that just didn’t work at all. There were so many nooks and crannies we had finished 2 cans of spray paint and that hardly made one complete coat.

image of hand holding spray paint can

So my husband got out some contraption that sprays paint from a quart of liquid paint (soap & water cleanup) via his compressor and we were in business.

How Did The 25¢ Plant Shelves Turn Out Painted? Totally Awesome! 😃😍

Quick, easy, and covered really well. I liked it. The colors were not quite the same after we finished but that is probably due to the rough wood and its absorptive qualities. Love them no matter what.

image of plant shelves with plants

For my second set of shelves, I got another quart of paint but I didn’t get the same color as with the other one. I chose a darker one (looked the same color on the label)  but we weren’t going for a Matchy-matchy look anyway. I like the way it turned out so much!

image of plant shelves painted dark brown

So if you are a bargain hunter as My daughter and I are, if you see this type of shelving or anything you’d like, check with the department head for whatever division your item would apply to, and Ask Them! All they can say is no.

But these shelves were saved from the trash haul. My daughter asked the Floral Department manager what the store does with them. And we swooped and got them! Winner winner, chicken dinner. Yeah, I’ve lost my mind.

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