Tour of my Backyard Garden

Let’s Take a Tour of My Backyard Garden

It is mid summer already and I haven’t done a video garden tour and so that is what I decided to do. It is a short one since I am only concentrating on the Sunny Garden nearest my garden shed. I hope you like this short tour.

I should have gone over the backyard garden in advance and got rid of a few weeds that I notice now as I edit the video, but my garden is just the ordinary backyard garden. It is not “magazine ready” or anything like that. Not perfectly manicured and fixed up. It is just me ( and once in a while my husband) who keep it tidy.  And that is done between obsessing with my hypertufa pots all over the place. Most of my hypertufa is on the deck right now. But I have had to do some re-arranging to make room for the new ones!

A Tour of My Backyard Garden

At the rear of the garden shed ( you only got a brief glimpse in the video), is the large planter I had to renovate earlier this year.  The alyssum has grown really well and so have the balloon flowers. But I don’t know what happened to the hollyhocks. There were four large roots I purchased and planted. But I have nothing!

My Backyard Garden Tour - It's Little, Don't Blink!

As you see in the video, I am providing the names of a few of the plants. I know there are several that I have skipped over. I thought that some didn’t even need naming since they are so common and recognizable. Others I still named even though everyone has these. No rhyme or reason.

I see that giant horseweed near my large hypertufa pot. Believe me, once I was editing the video and finally SAW it, I pulled it up. How could I have not seen a four foot tall weed as I strolled the garden? Oh well, the culprit is gone now. Buh-bye!

Getting tired of tree stumps in my backyard garden

Those tree stumps in my backyard garden will be history soon. I am tired of them and will gradually heave each one onto the gravel and roll it down out of the garden and down the hill. I think they will make nice fires later on, right?  Some have held on to the bark and others have shed it. I guess that depended on whether or not the tree was dead or almost dead when it was cut.  It seems that these stumps have attracted more animals to the garden. I think a family of rabbits have set up housekeeping  and have eaten my balloon flowers.

Rabbits have eaten the balloon flowers down to just a pile of sticks

Why can’t rabbits eat all those wild violets instead? See the stalks the rabbits have left? They cut down and ate most of the plant’s leaves but appear not to like the stems. I have gnawed edges left. The animal is still munching on more balloon flower stems in the center garden bed too. Some of those stalks are lying flat .  I have never had to deal much with pests in the garden, so I can only think it must be bringing those tree stumps in that has brought the varmints too!

Backyard garden - wild violet takeover

And don’t get me started on wild violets. Tiny and cute in the spring, large and smothering the rest of the year. All of you all who love those things, come dig them out of my garden. I have a million!  The border is packed full and I know that is where more weeds are hiding. Probably the rabbits too. Those clumps of wild violets are big enough to hide a whole family!

Well, enjoy the video and please like and subscribe while you are there on YouTube. Share with a friend or on Pinterest. I would love that!


  1. I use blood meal to deter veggie eating varmits. Just sprinkle on the plant and around it and they won’t eat them! The downside is it washes away when it rains but is good for plants. Love to garden too. Used to live north of Pittsburgh and garden grew beautifully. We moved to Pensacola, FL and am relearning how to garden in the hot south,quite a challenge!! Wish I had a neighbor like you, what fun we’d have! Love your garden and thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks for the hint about blood meal. I will have to use it for my few tomatoes and 1 pepper. And it would be fun to have you for a neighbor. What fun we’d have admiring each other’s gardens.

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