Arizona succulents in gravel lawns

Arizona Succulents and Plants – Such Beautiful Colors!

This past summer, we vacationed in Arizona near Scottsdale, and those Arizona succulents and plants were so awesome. Everywhere you looked there were cacti and succulents of all kinds and then many plants, bushes and flowers with such bright and beautiful colors.

Even though it was so hot, I still would go outside in the morning and sip coffee because that is just a habit I can’t break. Nor do I want to. Morning coffee and looking at my garden is a ritual.

Large saguaro cactus at Arizona intersection
Huge saguaro cactus at intersection

At the time of our vacation, it was August and very hot there with temperatures rising over 100°F each day. We had heard that possibly dust storms could occur during the July & August period. Those severe dust storms are called haboobs. Nothing like that happened while we were there, not even slight rains or anything. Just sun and night.

I guess I should be grateful because those storms sound really frightening!

stone patio and chairs with coffee cup

So Much Color for Arizona Succulents

All those colors of plants and flowers was just eye-pleasing. Such bright and cheerful colors of oranges, reds, yellows and purples. I tend to like more pastel colors and muted tones, but this bright splash of color was so beautiful.

It really makes me feel like I should expand my choices to add some vivid Arizona colors to my garden in Ohio. Somehow it seemed so energizing!

Opuntia cactus with fruits

City or County Use of The Arizona Succulents and Plants

All kinds of plants were used throughout the city along the streets and the interstate highways. We especially noted the Saguaro Cacti which seems to be the symbol of Arizona itself. So many of them and they were all over!

Many of the large cacti were propped by wooden structures trying to prevent them from falling over during a windstorm or sandstorm, possibly even from aging too. Or perhaps some of these were “repaired” by propping them with wood splints.

Lantana in bright yellow colors

There was also a lot of writing and symbols including lizards and other animals in mozaic patterns on the brickwork of the overpasses. It really was quite beautiful and really made the area look well kept. I caught a few glimpses of them in my video.

Arizona Plant Zone Compared To Ohio

In Ohio, I garden in Zone 6 where we have cold winters and if a succulent cannot live below freezing temperatures or even in cooler temperatures between 40-50°F, then it has to be brought inside to survive.

Lantana in pastel colors

I have a lot of succulents and other plants that I bring inside in the winter, but when I see the Arizona succulents and plants that survive outside, I am so envious. I would love to be able to plant my Elephant Bush or Portulacaria afra outside and let it run wild all year.

Whether these plants are put in by the city/county or individual business owners, it certainly makes for an attractive city. Most lawns or border areas are covered with small stones, looking like a larger version of my crushed granite that I put into my planting soil for drainage. Looks great in place of a lawn!

Arizona Succulents & Plants - So Pretty and Colorful. Wish I Could Grow These in My Garden in Ohio!

It seems like that would help to keep areas clean and weed-free because debris could be blown away and weeds sprouting could be pulled easily and quickly. I have had a gravel mulch in my garden beds and I loved it. So low maintenance.

I really applaud whoever takes care of the landscaping there since it seems to be beautiful all over. The little “neighborhood” where we rented a house was almost a color-coordinated plat with most of the homes the same color and similar landscaping.

backyard fenced pool at AZ home

You know I have a thing for stones and rocks, so all the decorating with stone and Arizona succulents just pleased me so much. I took so many photos and films, it is hard to condense down to a short video.

But here it is and yes, we are already planning to go again next year! We rented a whole house through VRBO and since we started doing that several years ago, I just can’t go back to a hotel or condo. We got a large house and split the cost with my daughter. It is so nice!

view of the Grand Canyon
Of course, we went to the Grand Canyon

Arizona Trip – Mark That Off My Bucket List

I really enjoyed Arizona and loved seeing all those Arizona succulents planted outside in the landscape. It would be so nice to get to have them outside all year here in Ohio. But that just cannot happen.

I didn’t even mind the heat so much, since almost every day, several time a day, we would go outside to soak in that great heat. After being inside in air conditioning, it felt good to “soak” up that heat into these old bones of mine.


  1. I’m so glad you liked the beauty of the Arizona Sonoran Desert. You did a great job identifying many of the plants… the one that you thought had similarities to the mimosa plant, is called a Baja Fairy Duster. The Prickly Pear Cactus (opuntia engelmannii) are a favorite of the javalina, a small wild pig/boar-like animal. The cactus pads are used in nopales salads (after careful removal of the spines) and the fruit is pretty delicious too!
    I hope you have an opportunity to visit in the Spring time – the desert trees and wildflowers are in full bloom – and will take your breath away.

    1. Thanks so much. I would really love to go in the spring too! Beautiful area! and I would love to see that Fairy Duster in full bloom!

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