Uprooted succulents on tray, aquarium in background

Aquarium Terrarium Plants? Everything Needed Re-potted!

If you have followed my blog and YouTube channel for a while, you know that I had two aquariums that I had converted into terrariums.

Having tired of those succulent plants inside the terrarium, not to mention they had grown so LARGE, I decided to dismantle the aquarium terrariums and pot up the plants individually.

various colorful potted succulents

And I am really liking it!

Succulent Plants In My Terrarium Aquarium

These converted aquariums were first planted with regular tropical plants, but I later changed to succulents. A succulent terrarium in a converted aquarium is very simple and very easy to care for.

Aquarium Terrarium full of Ghost Plant
I had two of these full of succulents

As I have said many times on different posts, I like growing in glass so that I can see the roots, see when they are dry or seeming to need water.

As you all know if you are a houseplant parent at all, the worst thing to do to a poor houseplant is over water it.

Aquarium terrarium full of succulents

Seeing the water trickle down inside to the roots of the plants via the aquarium glass walls made it very easy to control the water.

And I was growing my plants under artificial lights ( I use the LEDs) and have those light sources set on timers.

Most of the plant names I have forgotten. But I think the most prolific one in there is a Graptopetalum “Ghost Plant.” If I am not mistaken, those tall blue ones are the Ghost Plant.

blue and pink Graptopetalum Ghost Plant

I had a really nice Haworthia too. It has grown so much since I first put it in the Aquarium Terrarium.

When I first had this plant, it bloomed and I have it in a video on my channel. If you would like to see how small it was, here is the video link.

Small empty pot and larger pot with Haworthia
Same little blue plaid pot as in the video. An Aquarium Terrarium is great for succulent growing.

Another succulent plant with tremendous growth is the Crassula ovata Gollum-type plant. I know I had Ogre Ears and also ET’s Fingers.

I am not really sure which one this is but I am leaning toward Ogre Ears just because those little “cups” on the end look like ears. Right?

Large pot of Ogre Ears plant
Is it Ogre Ears?

Here is a closeup of those ends of the tubular leaves. Visually it looks like an ear, so I am going with Ogre Ears. I have also seen a name of Shrek’s Ear. I guess they are the same?

closeup of Crassula ovata Ogre Ears
Seems very healthy and a lot of root growth.

How Did The Re-potting Turn Out?

After eliminating some of the plants that were not in prime condition, I had a lot of cuttings left to plant. Each and every one of those leaves could be propagated, but I only have so much room.

So a lot of them went to friends and family.

Dismantling My Aquarium Terrarium - Two Years Growing Under Indoor Lights - How Did Succulents Do?

I did make some combination pots and also some individual pots such as the Haworthia and the Crassula.

Overall I am very pleased with how it all turned out. Great roots have developed and all of these succulents seem healthy and now have more “breathing room.”

Freshly water succulents with water droplets
Freshly watered outside but they were going inside as houseplants

A few of my succulents are planted in hypertufa containers and I will feature them in another post and video soon.

I am strictly maintaining the indoor and outdoor plants now. For me, it is to much work to move houseplants inside to outside and then reverse that in the fall. Of course, I will make an exception for a favorite!

succulents from Aquarium Terrarium
Grown under lights inside for more than two years. Pretty good growth.

So what do you think? I feel that terrariums made from an old aquarium are great for groups of plants with similar needs. I am well pleased with my results.

Right now, I think I am sticking with smaller bowl terrariums so that I can handle it easier. Not getting any younger and those large Aquarium Terrariums are heavy.

Thanks for reading my post and watching the videos.

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