Must Have Garden Tools for Spring Gardening(1)

10 Must-Have Garden Tools For This Spring!

Spring is almost here!

I know we’ve all been looking forward to it. But what will we need when we get out there and get started? Based on what I think I need, or already have, I have a few suggestions for those Must Have Garden Tools. Hopefully, you already have some of these. But maybe you need a new one for the coming season. I know I need a new garden hat. My floppy brim hat (which I love) has become a little too floppy!

image of spring gardening

A Great Garden Hat!

This is so important for you to have to protect your face and skin from sun exposure. I wear hats most of the time, and when I make a quick trip to the garden center, I usually just keep it on. ( My hair is usually a fright by that time.) So it really serves two purposes. I like the large brimmed hats best like these, the absolute best item for your hat to have is that lanyard to tighten so that is doesn’t blow off or fall off when you bend over.

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Take a look at this great Sloggers Women’s Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard

Great Gloves!

You must protect your hands from sunburn, scrapes, cuts, and from running your fingernail up under something hidden in the garden soil. ( Ouch, it hurts just remembering.) I have some favorite pairs that I wear most of the time, but I also like to have some disposable quick gloves to grab if I am only going to grab something quickly and my hands are “freshly done.” ( A rare occasion if my hands stay nice.)

Here are some great gloves! G & F Products 3 or 6 Pair Women Gardening Gloves with Micro-Foam Coating – Garden Gloves Texture Grip

And these are the disposable ones. The same ones I use for housework, cleaning, and making my hypertufa projects.  I like having a box of them by the rear door of the garage. Ready to grab when I run out for something!

Grab some disposables to do quick weeding, plucking, or any housework you need a Disposable Nitrile Glove.

Garden shoes or boots

You have to have something that washes easily, fits well, and for me, attaches to my feet so that I don’t pull out of them. Yes, I am not graceful by nature, so I stumble a lot. And I need the shoes to stay on my feet even if I step in some muck or worse. Have you ever found a little “meadow muffin” in your garden?

And I don’t like the shoes that are open. Some Crocs are open in the toe, but I get rocks and soil inside and it drives me crazy.  Think about it. These hose off and are dry and ready next time. I prefer the dark color, but you might like something brighter.

Women’s or men’s Garden Clog Shoes are great options like these here.

Gardening Tools – Those you just have to have.

A great pair of pruners is a must. I like these slender handles best since they fit into my apron pockets easily.

Felco’s Classic Manual Hand Pruners are great. Last forever because I am such a fan of Laura at Garden Answer, I have to use what she recommends.

But since I deal with small plants quite a bit, I like the tiny ones too! It is easier to reach into a hypertufa trough with tiny plants such thyme and coral reef sedums when you need to prune or take cuttings.

These are so handy and work great inside on houseplants. FELCO 322 Model 322 Snips

Before I forget. You must have a great set of digging spades. How many times have you used some cheap ones on they bend on you? That is so frustrating! So I think getting some strong and sturdy spades is very important.

Here’s a great garden trowel or hand shovel. So sturdy!

The Knife

If you don’t already have this knife you don’t know what you are missing. This does so much in the garden, I can’t imagine what I would do without it. So versatile. All the ladies in the garden club and Master Gardeners love it and use it more than any other tool, believe me.

Love my Fiskars Hori Hori Knife. Such a strong tool in my garden.

Where do we put all the Must-Have Garden Tools?

In a great apron, of course. Or a belt if you like to wear one.

But I have all kinds of criteria that I must have in my apron. It has to have a zippered pocket up high on my chest for my phone. I want it with me. I don’t want to lose it. I don’t want to crush it with any of the above tools. Also, I want it a dark color, such as brown, so I don’t look so dirty all the time.

I am a gardener, I am messy and I get dirty. So your little pink frilly apron will soon be trash on me. And a man’s apron is made kinda larger and since I am not exactly a “Twiggy”, I need a larger apron.  And lots of pockets.  Lots.

This one is so colorful. Check out this Garden Apron.

And I also have my garden bag I carry with me into the garden, or when I am working on a community garden. Or just as a temporary small arsenal of things I may need for a job. This is what I like:

This Garden Tool Bag is so colorful and stands on its own. 10 pockets are very useful to carry all your garden needs.

10 Must Have Garden Tools For This Spring!

And we must not forget the kiddies. I loved it when my grandson walked through the garden with me and dug holes and picked all the flowers. He was so cute. Now that he is 18, he has outgrown a lot of that.

But his Easter Baskets each year had some kind of gardening equipment, so he could be in the garden with Nana. Loved every moment of it.

He has outgrown his Kids Gardening Tool Set 12 PCS

So remember your gardener this year and the little gardeners-to-be.  Easter is coming,  Mother’s Day,  Father’s Day……Is there a birthday or anniversary in there anywhere?

Something is happening on June 2, right? ( Hint to Family.) My birthday!


  1. I love gardening and I spend lots of time in my garden. I know all gardeners have to take care of their garden in every season and this is not an easy task. Good tools can always make things easier. Thank you for sharing this blog with us.

  2. Hi Kim, what an excellent compilation of must-have gardening tools. Going through the article, I realized I don’t have wearable garden shoes for this Spring, so I should handle that as soon as possible. Oh, and the professional Bypass Pruner as well.

  3. Best Post ever! Awesome list for garden working. I really like this post. All these tools are so much essential. Recently, I bought a backpack for tools organization. Now, I am so happy to all tools organize properly. By the way, thanks for sharing this post.

  4. I love Japanese hori-hori knife.Its a most efficient multi-purpose tool.I use the tools as a digging tool, as a cutting tool and also used as a weeding tool.BTW Somehow I didn’t find knee pad in your list.

  5. Vickie Browning says:

    I need to add a knife and a gardening tool bag to my collection. Though it does allow me to get in plenty of steps when I walk back and forth for everything from my planting bench. = )

    1. Know what you mean about walking back and forth! My garage is on one side and the shed and garden on the other. I am constantly needing to go back and forth to get things. If I bring my tool bag, there seems to always be something else I need. ( It’s when I have to hunt for something it get bad. Back and forth, back and forth. It’s exercise!

  6. Hey,

    I really like your post!

    There are various gardening tools which are required for making home gardens or other gardens in locality.I really like your post. You have shared great ideas of gardening tools. I really appreciate your post. The pictures you have shared are really very nice. Each of the idea which you have shared is really very helpful.

    Thank you so much for such a nice post!!

    Keep sharing more posts!

    Richard L. Ernst

    1. I wish I a big old Compaction thing like in your photo/site. I would love to drive one over the yard!

  7. When you think of gardening tools, you don’t usually think of gardening hats, gloves, and shoes. But I can honestly say that your garden turns out better when you are more prepared to take on the garden. I’m digging those multi-pocket gardening aprons! It’s interesting to hear that a gardening knife is the tool that you’ll use the most. Thanks you for your advice on the most important gardening tools. If I want to get serious about gardening, I have to be serious about getting the right tools.

    1. Oh yes, my knife is great. It is my “go to” for everything. Love it.

  8. Great list of items, Kim. I never go out without a hat and gloves!! But I’m liking the idea of an apron too. I also have a great hori hori knife that I got from Lee Valley. It’s not dissimilar to the Miracle Gro one. I love it!

    1. Kim Smith says:

      Yes, I have seen the hori hori knife. One of the ladies at the Garden Club had one and I really liked hers too!

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